Your kids will love ‘Cars 3.’ But will you?



Photo courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

I’m just going to come right out with it: You probably won’t. But go see it with your kids. Lots of laughs for them. They’ll enjoy it for sure.

When it comes to Pixar sequels, Cars 3 is far from either of the Toy Story follow-ups. It’s not even equal to Monsters University (which was good but not great). 

It is, however, better than Cars 2

Don’t get me wrong. I did enjoy parts of it. I even cried more than once, specifically, every single time they showed Doc Hudson. 


Photo courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

But there were bits that felt forced for emotional impact. Some even felt like they weren’t thought through, again just to elicit a few tears.

That winner announcement in the end? Really? Maybe I didn’t appreciate it (actually I didn’t get it. I didn’t know if it was a real racing thing) because I’m not a racing fan.

But a huge part of the Pixar magic circa mid-90s to 2010 is that you don’t have to be an expert at, or at least be interested in, their movies’ topics to fall in love with the characters and the movies themselves.

With Pixar, people are willing to suspend disbelief.

I mean, when Ratatouille came out, I was 23 and all I wanted to eat were pizza, pasta, and burgers. I had no interest in gourmet food, certainly not in gourmet food prepared by a rat. But I loved Ratatouille.

And how about Up? A cartoon about a grumpy old person with balloons? I was sure it would be the end of Pixar’s hot streak back then. But people loooooved it. Some (myself included) even consider it as part of their Pixar Top 3.

Long story short, Cars 3 didn’t do that for me. It didn’t make me disregard whatever far-fetched or borderline silly (to me) plotline/s it had. 

But then again, this is probably the grown-up-who-takes-herself-too-seriously in me talking. My kids enjoyed Cars 3. They found quite a lot of scenes funny. They loved Cruz and Jackson Storm so much they asked us to buy them toy versions right after the movie. Cars 3 may not have had the stereotypical Pixar magic circa mid-90s to 2010 for me and my husband, but it certainly was magical for our kids.

Cars 3 , from Pixar Animation Studios, is currently showing in Philippine cinemas. 


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