Why I’m curious about Halle Berry’s “Kidnap”

Photo courtesy of Relativity Media

It’s exam week in my sons’ school next week, so I don’t even know if I’ll have time for a movie date with my husband this weekend. 

But if we can squeeze in some “us” time, we would watch, first, Dunkirk, and then Kidnap

Dunkirk is everywhere, but Kidnap I don’t know much about. Just that its release date has been moved quite a few times.

Normally, instances like that make me think twice about seeing such movies. But when I read the plot for Kidnap, I thought, a female Taken? Sold! I’m especially excited about what her own specific set of skills are.

I’m a mom myself. The fear in Halle’s eyes when her character realized her son could be missing (in the trailer above)? Her voice quaking while asking out loud if her son is just hiding from her, hoping in futility that he would answer back? I understand that fear.

I know I’ll never be as kickass as Halle Berry, but, at the very least, the trailer for Kidnap has vindicated my seemingly uber-strict rule of never playing hide-and-seek with my kids in a crowded public place. I can’t wait to see the entire movie.

So, to my husband, movie date tayo this weekend ha?

Kidnap is currently showing in Philippine cinemas. 


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