Singing competitions that made me ugly cry

I still can’t get over this very special ’90s-music video compilation. Still makes me tear up. It’s even made me look back on all the times that I ugly-cried over certain singing competition contestants’ performances.

My tear ducts are not very discriminating. I cry very easily when watching movies and TV shows, even during the actual singing portion of singing competitions (as opposed to those video packages intentionally made to make audiences cry).

Here are my favorite tearjerker singing competition performances.
4. Angelica Hale, “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys (America’s Got Talent)

I wasn’t expecting that voice. I watched this video right after I saw In a Heartbeat, so I was already an emotional wreck in the best possible way, pop-culture-wise.

3. Lylas/Fifth Harmony, “Impossible” by Shontelle (The X Factor)

No weak link. And Marc Anthony’s reactions (especially to Camilla Bello *sniff*), like he was saying in his head, I surrender to your greatness, ladies. Everything here was priceless.

2. David Cook, “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey (American Idol)

This was the first singing competition performance that made me really ugly-cry. Super genius, what David Cook did. I was completely spent after this. David crying at the end made me cry even harder. 

1. Cassadee Pope, “Over You” by Miranda Lambert (The Voice)

Cassadee’s voice and raw emotion. Blake’s reaction. Christina watching Blake’s reaction. Christina lauding Blake for his genius decision in this particular instance. Perfect all the way.


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