‘Pudsey The Dog: The Movie’ is not for everyone

By Joanna Mendoza

Too cute for all that (Photo courtesy of Vertigo Films)

BGT’s Pudsey is too cute for his self-titled movie. (Photo courtesy of Vertigo Films)

The fact that I hadn’t heard much about Pudsey the Dog: The Movie by the time I had the chance to see it made me apprehensive about spending about 90 minutes of my life (and my husband’s… and our two sons’) watching it.

Still it was a chance for a family date, so I decided for all of us to go anyway. And before leaving for the screening, I did a little bit of research about the movie.

"Pudsey the Dog: The Movie" (photo courtesy of Vertigo Films)

“Pudsey the Dog: The Movie” won’t be appreciated by everyone. (Photo courtesy of Vertigo Films)

At first I thought that the really low expectations caused by what I found out (a review in The Observer said, “If you paid to see this, you would feel duty-bound to demand your money back; I saw it for free and still wanted a refund”) made me dislike the movie right off the bat. But then I remembered that I had really low expectations of Mariah Carey’s Glitter, but that one I ended up liking. So I figured that my low expectations had nothing to do with it; the movie was just really bad.

Don’t get me wrong. Pudsey the Dog, which won the top honor at the 2012 season of Britain’s Got Talent with his trainer Ashleigh Butler, is adorable. But you know how some ideas are great for TV but bad for the big screen? It’s kind of like that. Pudsey may have been super cute and entertaining on BGT, but his beloved dancing just wasn’t enough to sustain an entire movie.

Thrice adorable? Pudsey does his Beatles Abbey Road impression. (Photo courtesy of Vertigo Films)

Thrice adorable? Pudsey does his Beatles Abbey Road impression. (Photo courtesy of Vertigo Films)

To be fair, he wasn’t dancing the entire movie. There was, of course, a story. But it’s too familiar yet not done well. Everything about the story felt so forced, I could feel the effort to try to make the audience laugh. I don’t remember how my fellow moviegoers reacted to the film, but I do remember that my two sons kept insisting that we get out of the theater, and that my husband dozed off at one point.

The acting was also on the low end of the good-bad scale, but it was probably because of the material. If Pudsey could talk, he probably would’ve tried to talk Ashleigh out of this movie.

There was, however, one moment, where I felt myself having difficulty in breathing because I was laughing so hard. It was a fraction of a scene, probably less than a second, but my goodness, was it hilarious. Too bad it was the only funny thing that was actually funny.

Still, if you’re a dog lover, a kid, or somebody with a kid, you might want to give this movie a shot. Just don’t watch it by yourself. After all, fake laughing is more enjoyable if done with friends.

Pudsey the Dog: The Movie is now showing in Philippine cinemas. 



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