“What If”: A playful, humorous, charming rom-com

By Shelly Dalmacio

Courtesy of Pioneer Films

Courtesy of Pioneer Films

Tuesdays are definitely loaded at work and employees always feel burned out. Well, that’s how we felt that Tuesday night. And what could possibly cheer us up after a long, tiring Tuesday at work?

A playful, humorous, and charming movie will definitely do – something that best describes What If, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan.

Courtesy of Pictures

Courtesy of Pioneer Films

This new romantic comedy gives us a comfortable and very familiar narrative but with much cuteness and delight that will definitely leave you smiling after an hour and a quarter of watching.

Its narrative tells us how a medical school dropout Wallace (Radcliffe), who’s always experiencing bad relationships, decides to put his love life on hold. But when he meets Chantry (Kazan), the cousin of his roommate Allan (Adam Driver), they feel an instant connection between them. Unfortunately for him, Chantry is living with her longtime boyfriend Ben (Rafe Spall). So he’s left with no choice but to stay as her best friend. Still, their friendship flourishes into something that also makes the pair wonder what if the love of your life is actually your best friend?

Courtesy of Pictures

Courtesy of Pioneer Films

Well, yes, we might say that this film lies on the usual territory of love narratives but what set this movie apart is the subtlety of how the story unfolds that despite already having the-predictable-notion, every scene and turn actually makes you think what if it’s not that predictable at all. The feeling of anticipation, I must say, is there all throughout the film.

The performances of the actors are also very refreshing. It’s delightful to see Daniel Radcliffe very different and funny as compared to the character of Harry Potter. Zoe Kazan also gives an adorable impression as the usual sweet girl who can stay loyal to her boyfriend but can befriend other boys.

Courtesy of Pictures

Courtesy of Pioneer Films

But it’s Adam Driver who stands out, whose character makes the film a laugh trip. Credit must also go to the writers, for having written such witty jokes that have perfect timing.

Watching the film also kind of places you in a dreamland as it has animations incorporated in it. The cinematography actually gives you the same feel as 500 Days of Summer.

There was some slapstick humor, especially when Radcliffe character meets the boyfriend. But I think it was well tailored into the film.

Courtesy of Pictures

Courtesy of Pioneer Films

All in all, I believe the movie wants to test and prove the same thing as the film “When Harry Met Sally” wanted to, can a girl and a boy simply stay as friends, and most of all best friends? Even from the trailer, you can instantaneously feel the connection between the two characters, and it did not change in the whole film. They make decisions and choices, but their feelings stayed the same. The physical and emotional tensions were always present. So for the issue that the movie is trying to present, it’s all about connection. If there is one, then probably you can’t just stay as friends. If there is none, then there is a possibility of infinite friendship.

The film teaches us about second chances and new beginnings. Love is never certain, because love will always be full of what ifs.

What if, distributed locally by Pioneer Films, opens in Philippine cinemas Aug. 13, 2014. Book your tickets here, here, or here.


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