‘The Voice’ U.S. season 6: Let’s predict the Top 12

BY Joanna Mendoza

Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton on "The Voice" season 6

Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton on “The Voice” season 6

The double Battle Rounds of The Voice U.S. are over, and because predictions are fun, let’s narrow down the current Top 20 to 12, shall we?

Predicting who will survive the Play-offs is not easy, but based on coaches’ apparent favorites, producers’ edits, and commenters’ sentiments, some of these guesses just might be right. If they’re wrong, well, it’s still fun. So here goes…

Predictions for contestants who will be eliminated during the play-offs:  

Kat Perkins – she doesn’t have the same mass appeal that the rest of Team Adam has
Morgan Wallen – his story (not the best vocalist but has improved a lot because of hard work) is a little similar to last season’s Will Champlin; it might be too soon for Adam to want to do that again. Plus, the “stolen” artists are usually the first ones who are let go of

Kristen Merlin – both of her Battle Round performances were practically edited out, it almost seems like the producers are telling viewers not to get invested in her because she’ll be gone soon anyway
Patrick Thomson – Shakira seems more passionate about her girls this time around

Ugh. This is hard. So far, Usher seems to really like everyone on his team. And he should; it’s a very talented group! But because we said we’d pick, we pick the two he seems to be less passionate about: Melissa Jimenez and Josh Kaufman, whom he “stole” from Adam.

Ryan Whyte Maloney – there are two country men on Blake’s team and he likes the other one much better than Ryan
Madilyn Paige – there are two powerhouse female vocalists on Blake’s team, and he just “stole” Madilyn from Usher so he’s less invested in her

Our predicted Top 12 (in alphabetical order per coach):

(Team Adam) Jake Barker, Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie; (Team Shakira) Tess Boyer, Deja Hall, Dani Moz; (Team Usher) Stevie Jo, Bria Kelly, T.J. Wilkins; (Blake Shelton) Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington

I use quotation marks for any form of the word “steal” in Voice context, because I still have a problem with the term. Is it really stealing if the original coach had already eliminated the contestant? Did Katniss steal that loaf of bread from Peeta?

Anyway… I can’t vote but The Voice being one of the more interesting reality shows out there, it’s fun picking favorites. Here are mine. It’s worth noting that none of them stand as much chance of winning as the others in their team: Jake Barker, Tess Boyer, Stevie Jo, and Jake Worthington.


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